Our Services

Project Management

Ship building & Ship repair project management.

Mechanical equipment installation, commissioning and repairs.

Electrical and electronic equipment installation, commissioning and repairs.

Steelworks and structural and piping  fabrication and forming.

Our Products

Crane & Heavylift

Gantry, single boom, telescopic cranes supply and install.
Obstruction Light

Tower obstruction lights as well as marine navigation lights.

Marine and land based maintenance and treatment chemicals.

Lubricating oils for marine and land based equipment and vehicles.

Project Management

World's 3rd largest dredger construction priject management.
Launching of first vessel in a newly developed yard, y the project management team.
Design and engineering.
Trailer suction dredger construction team.
Hand's on project management team.
The company is established by the founders who have vast experiences in managing ship building and ship repair projects. Our key personnel comprised of certified Naval Architects and Marine Engineers who have extensive experience in managing the said types of projects.
Megantara's Project Management team always strive to ensure that the vessels delivered shall be of quality expected by the clients if not more superior. This would ensure that the client shall have efficient vessels that are reliable, cost effective and safe.

For the Newbuilding Project Management & Supervision, we have a complete team set that will be stationed on site throughout the duration of the project. This ensures direct and prompt responses towards the project requirement.

We can provide services for both the owner as well as the shipyard, especially with newly developed shipyards or existing yards that require improvement in project or yard operation management.


Main Engine Installation
Generator Engine Installation
Propeller and shafting Installation
Engine Allingment
Mooring Winch installation
Azimuthin Propeller installation
We provide a comprehensive coverage in mechanical engineering that span from design, detail, fabrication, installation, testing and commissioning of mechanical equipment and components in industrial and marine environment.

Propulsion equipment selection design, heat and mechanical load calculation.

Mechanical vibration measurements and analysis.

Marine propulsion system, conventional propeller, controllable pitch and Jet Propulsion installation, service and repairs.

Engines, heat exchangers, alternators and pumps installation, maintenance and repairs.

Engines and pumps components refurbishment and reconditioning.


Electrical equipment repairs.
Main switchboard installation and service.
PLC programming and installation.
Weaponry automation system installation.
Cable laying operation.
Switchboard and switchboard installation and service.

We provide engineering solution from design stage to commissioning of end user equipment that would involve works from conceptual to implementation for power distribution and monitoring.

Design, supply and install centralized equipment monitoring and operating control console (Sealogix).

Switchboards fabrication and installation.

Switchgear installation, service and repairs.

Alternators and motors installation service and repairs.

Safety equipment (propulsion and generation engines) testing and calibrating.

Fire detection system troubleshooting and repairs.


Constructing the world's 3rd largest dredger.
Structural fabrication with AH36 grade steel.
Hydraulic pipe fabrication and repair.
Ship construction using block method.
Keel laying of world's 3rd largest dredger.
Pipe fabrication and repair.
We offer steel structural fabrication works from cutting, joining, full-welding and erection of various steel types and welding procedures. Certified welders from 3G to 6G are employed to meet the job requirement.
Our team of fabricators consists of managers, supervisors, fitters, welders and helpers.
Crane girders and structures.
Steel piping , pipe saddles and fastening.

Cranes (Kuhnezug)

Supply and installation of single beam bantry crane in Gemas.
Crane boom prior to lifting up to overhead track.
Single jib crane by Kuhnezug.
Double girder overhead crane for use in heavy lift.
MKG marine cranes.
MKG cranes can also be used in land transportation.
MEGANTARA ENGINEERING Sdn. Bhd. provides combined service of design, build, installation, testing commissioning and trade services for cranes, hoists and crane components for load capacities from 630kg to 630 tonnes either normal or explosion proof execution. Our range of products as follow:

Overhead Travelling Cranes. ·
Gantry and Semi Gantry Cranes.
Pillar Jib Cranes.
Monorail Cranes.
Automatic Cranes.
Customized and Engineered Cranes.
Electric and Manual Operated Hoists.

With  all  updated  technologies  shared  from  our  principle,  KÜHNEZUG  German  Cranes  such as OVALplus* girder, compact and modular hoists and trolleys and also ROLLCOMPACT* drive units, we guarantee that our products will meet our clients’ requirement and also their point of view to reduce the foot print while maintaining the quality and cost effectiveness of products.
As for the Marine Cranes, MEGANTARA ENGINEERING Sdn. Bhd. carry MKG Marine Cranes product range comprises marine, ship and harbour cranes in the capacity from 3.5 to 200 tonnes in different designs:
·  Knuckle Boom ·  Telescopic Boom
·  Stiff Boom
·  Tailor made Cranes

The cranes are designed according to German Standard DIN 15018 and may be registered with all internationalknown classification  societies  (GL, ABS, DNV, BV, etc.).All cranes are protected against corrosive environments,i.e. steel components are sandblasted, zinc-dust treated, and finished with three-coat marine paint.

Optionally, steel parts are subjected to an electrostatic coating process (cataphoretic painting in accordance with corrosion protection class C5, DIN EN ISO 12944-2). Piston rods may be either double-chromed or supplied in stainless steel.

Obstruction Light (Carmanah)

Solar Tower obstruction lights
Carmanah putting solar to work.
Led solar light.
Sabik marine solar lights.
Sabik wholly owned by Carmanah.
Sabik's products.
We are the local agent for Carmanah ® in providing obstruction lights for towers and high rise. Also in the group is Sabik ® which produces signal lights for marine use.
Our dependable and efficient products provide energy-optimized LED solutions that combine the greatest cost savings with the highest environmental sensitivity. Since 1996, we have built our global reputation for delivering solutions for industrial applications in some of the world’s harshest environments.

Chemicals (Vecom)

Boiler water treatment chemicals.
Water finder paste for use with sounding tapes.
Economical fuel finding paste.
Our chemical ready stock.
Some of the product ranges in our stock.
Vecom has been developing and producing cleaning- and metal surface treatment products since 1953. Vecom Marine focusses on the maritime industry.
Our current range of products include:
Cleaning products
Fuel Oil treatment
Water treatment products
Safety & fire fighting products
Gasses and welding equipment
Steel & Stainless steel surface treatment products

Lubricant (Caltex)

Land based equipments'  lubricants.
We provide lube oil analysis services.
Supply of lubricant in bigger quantity is possible..
Caltex. Trusted brand.
Scavenge port piston ring inspection.
Oil quality testing.
We are the dealer for Marquis Oil which distributes Caltex® lubricants in Malaysia. We are able to supply full range of lubricant and provide free oil testing (Terms & Conditions Apply) for equipment running on Caltex lubricant supplied by us.